JR NTR Pawan Kalyan at Chandra babu oath event

It was a historic occasion as Jr NTR himself proclaimed earlier in the day with things looking positive for him too after all that has happened during the past few months. But what happened at the end of the day would have for sure deflated him further as people were left wondering, if Jr NTR had come to the swearing-in at all. That was the question on everyone’s mind after how things unfolded at the event when in fact the actor had come to the ceremony.

In a kind of surprising turn of events, a certain Pawan Kalyan walked away with all the limelight at the end of the day. From the moment the actor arrived at the event he reached the venue and when the function was over he was all over and his presence was most noticeable. A warm hug, mention of the name in the speeches, the final walk with hands on shoulder, all these had people cheering for him throughout making him, the sensation of the event.

So what went wrong? Many say it was a self made mistake that cost so much for Jr NTR and that he could have enjoyed fruits on the historical day had he been a little proactive during the election days. Many expected the star to take the side of the politician and campaign for him extensively but the actor’s silence throughout is seen as a grave and historical mistake that could have been easily avoided. In the end it is his mistakes that has drowned him and kept him out of the cadre as well as media fanfare.

The fact that the actor had to disclose that he had got invitation to the function like an outsider has been the most embarrassing moment of the day. Because many feel that it shouldn’t have been that way and that he should have simply walked in without such explanations. That he had to do so is the sorry state of affairs he had lead him into, is the opinion that many share.

How many of you feel that NTR could have handled the situations during the election time better like coming out in open expressing the support. One knows that he would be there for the party eventually but wouldn’t it have been better if he said so in a direct way, especially with so much going on back then? What do you think? Share us your thoughts.