Vakeel Saab-Pawan KalyanWhile Pawan Kalyan’s Telugu remake ‘Vakeel Saab’ of Bollywood blockbuster will be going for a theatrical release on 9th April 2021, the low key promotions are a worry now to the die-hard fans and trade. The producers are once again going low-key as they did in the case of ‘V’.

Usually, fans complain when it comes to Dil Raju’s SVC banner for low promotions. But, how would that work when the lead actor Pawan Kalyan is busy with Municipal poles and the results that were out besides, Pawan Kalyan doesn’t promote his movie, usually?

‘Vakeel Saab’ has generated good buzz and enough interest, but at this juncture, a very nice promotional strategy would be the key to take it further as it is a must .to generate big numbers. Post-COVID, every week, multiple releases are flooding the theatres.

Therefore, there wouldn’t be much to do for minting money after the release. There are only three weeks left if we leave the release week. Given the situation that the director is not a known face and Pawan Kalyan doesn’t promote his films, a good promotional strategy is the necessity of the hour and it’s mising badly.