Whenever Balakrishna Hits A Fan, What Happens Next?Nandamuri Balakrishna is probably the only hero with an extreme good press or extreme bad press. He gets a lot of appreciation for his work through Basava Tarakam Cancer Hospital and he himself drags the bad press for manhandling fans in public congregations.

In an interview the other day, the anchor has asked why the victims will not complain despite getting hit by him. “Even I do not know that. I am in the process of finding that. In fact, I am a specimen myself for my own R&D about that topic,” he laughed off.

“I do not do that without any reason. I do that when there is some excess. But whenever it happens, I make it a point to inform the concerned about the wrongdoing with people around me. Or I will tell that myself when I meet the person next time,” the actor-politician added.

Whatever may be the reason or justification, that definitely did not help Balayya anyways.