Venkatesh son Arjun DaggubatiVenkatesh Daggubati is on high with the success of his recent release Narappa. Raving reviews and accolades are getting in for Venkatesh and his team for faithful performances. Venkatesh has been a private man and his family is hardly in public glare. While his son Arjun’s picture does circulate on social media, his fans are curious to know about Venkatesh son’s film entry.

Will Arjun Daggubati makes his film debut or will he ever get introduced to the film world are some of the questions by Victory Venkatesh fans. Venkatesh’s personal make-up man Raghava who has seen his family closely has spoken about the star kid.

“Venkatesh’s son is an extraordinary child. I have always seen him engrossed in books. It is a norm for actors to bring their child to make some special debut or some acting stint but such a thing never happened with Venkatesh’s son. If the boy had interest, he would have had made his debut by now. So I am in a dilemma myself about his acting debut,” makeup man concludes.

The makeup man adds that maybe after Arjun’s education gets completed he may think about it. He further praises the young boy saying how his thinking ability is extraordinary and how brilliant he is.