When will Vishal make his Telugu debut?
Few months back there was news that Tamil actor Vishal Krishna, who is an andhrite, was set to make his Telugu debut soon. But since then months have passed by and there has no development on that news. Vishal has recently signed another Tamil film, which will again be dubbed in Telugu like most of his films in the past.

He is one of the few Tamil actors who could speak Telugu fluently, and therefore, had good opportunity to extend his market base in Telugu as well. In fact, every time his film gets dubbed, he takes the effort to dub in his own voice unlike other actors who are least bothered. Apparently, there were rumours that Vishal would make his Telugu debut with a newcomer director soon and the project will be produced by Vishal’s home banner.

Vishal is currently awaiting the release of Indrudu, which will see him playing a character suffering from Narcolepsy, a neurological sleep disorder.