Vakeel Saab-Pawan Kalyan-Shruti HaasanIn three weeks from now, Vakeel Saab will hit the big screens. It is the comeback movie of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. His last one, Agnyaathavaasi, came way back in 2018. However, there is still no buzz whatsoever for the film.

The third single from Vakeel Saab is out recently. It is a decent one that would go with the flow of the movie. It isn’t the kind of chartbuster that would spike the interest in the film. It means, despite a new single coming out, not much change in the final impact on the buzz.

What is creating buzz instead are the memes on social media. One can see many posts centred on Vakeel Saab’s director Venu Sriram and the movie’s content itself. As many might know, Vakeel Saab is a remake of the Hindi movie Pink. However, so far, none of the promo material reflects the content from the ‘original’. It has led to some hilarious responses on social media.

However, on a serious note, nothing has worked from the production side to generate a minimum hype. Everyone is now waiting for the theatrical trailer and the pre-release function for general awareness.

We have mentioned it previously and do it again. A movie featuring a ‘star’ will open well on the release date. The fans awareness alone is enough for it. But, to take it to the next level, i.e. to get an audience beyond the ‘fans’ the promotions are the key. It is the difference between decent and excellent openings. For some movies, the songs do the trick. For others, it could be the trailer. Sometimes the controversies do the trick. Right now, Vakeel Saab has none.

With three weeks to go, all eyes are on the theatrical trailer and the function. Can the makers get it right in the final weeks that needs to be seen?

Vakeel Saab, produced by Dil Raju, is all set to hit the big screens worldwide on April 9th. It is an excellent date. With the right publicity, the film can breakeven in the weekend itself as the distribution price is low. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.