Pawan Kalyan is a person who rarely speaks. Most of the times he does not let his emotions out but when he does it will be always hard hitting. The same happened with Attarintiki Daredi Thank You function on Monday. He alleged the movie piracy as a conspiracy. As a person who normally does not resort to mudslinging, his words struck chord with film buffs. While his anguish is totally understandable, the way he ended is not in good spirits. The actor did not mention the names of people behind the conspiracy and triggered the guessing game.

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Fans and some media have started predicting who may be behind this scandal. And obviously, no less than half a dozen names of bigwigs in industry started floating. This keeps them in a very awkward position as the allegations are too cheap to condemn and also not too trivial to ignore. This puts them in a very uncomfortable position. It is the responsibility of Pawan Kalyan to clear the air and save innocent people from humiliation. Also this will make the conspirator go behind the bars. Lets see when Pawan Kalyan will come out!