Wife,iThe logic is in the proper place and there is no way one can actually find fault with the argument that an actress with good body flaunts her assets like a person flaunts his Mercedes Benz, showing of what he possesses.

Showcasing the beauty is not a crime, said an actress, the sexy-looking girl who was seen in the upcoming movie ‘Wife,i
‘. When the interviewer asked her if she is a porn star, she didn’t take offense and explained the difference between being a porn star and an adult star.

We are talking about actress Gunnjan who was very hot and looked too bold to handle in the trailer of ‘Wife,i’, a Telugu movie with adult content. Though she is bold and sexy, she made it clear that when an actress has no talent there is no use of sleeping with others.

“I have a good body, no shame,” said Gunnjan who has the clarity that no one is going to watch an actress who plays Sati Savithri, nowadays, hence, it’s nothing wrong in the skin show.