“When the Rapist Is Rich, Upper Caste Or a Politician’s Son”

ChinmayiThere is a lot of applause from across the country about the encounter that happened and all the four culprits who murdered Disha were shot dead. However, this raised a few more questions.

When a rapist is rich and from the upper caste or a politician’s son, will they get the same kind of instant punishment? It’s Chinamayi Sripada’s question on social media, but it’s the question of many who are fighting for justice in rape cases when the influential people are involved.

Chinmayi Sripada has been fighting on her own about sexual abusers and molesters and especially, those people who are walking away without any punishment and instead, they are being treated with respect and getting privileged treatment.

Today, her Twitter page was full of retweets slamming people are supporting rape and saying that if women don’t complain about being raped, their lives would be spared. It’s kind of disturbing to see such people still thinking that raping women is okay. Sick!

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