This is an incident which happened on the sets of one of the most anticipated film in Telugu cinema, Baahubali. Tamannah has so far acted in various kinds of films but mostly they had her play a simpleton girl next door kind of character or she was seen in super glamorous avatar. For the first time in her career the actress has signed on to do a period film and its effect was immediately visible.

The actress apparently has to undergo some time consuming make up to get into the character that she plays in the film. When Tamannah first saw her with make up on for the film, onlookers say she was completely surprised and felt that she couldn’t recognize her at all. Her get up will be kept a secret and when it would be revealed to the public it will be a sweet surprise for many, say the unit members. The snippets are surely exciting but one clearly has no choice but to wait till summer next year to see the current bites in reality.