How often do you see a superstar drape a sari and walk in a public gathering? Well, King Khan is definitely an exception and he proved why he is a superstar when walked in a sari draped like a dhoti on Friday for a fashion show in Chennai.

SRK was promotion Palam Silks, who had sponsored Deepika’s saris in Chennai Express. Apparently, SRK and Deepika walked the ramp in their saris. It wasn’t surprising to see Deepika drape a sari and walk down the rap, but the crowd went berserk when they saw SRK walk down the ramp in a silk sari tied as a dhoti.

SRK was full of energy and he comprised for coming hours late by being extremely friendly with the crowd. He danced to songs from Chennai Express in the sari, and it was definitely a wonderful sight for his fans who had come in large numbers.