Do not jump in conclusions reading too much in between the lines. Going in to the detail, Post the success of Eega, Rajamouli is being poured success messages from all the corners. And one such message, he received from an unknown number stating that it is Chiranjeevi. SSR thought it was a prank call and ignored to reply but it was actually not. He later came to know about it and repented.

SSR himself confessed this on twitter, he tweeted, Chiranjeevi garu called. Boy am I thrilled!!! Actually he texted me 2 days back frm a new number and I ignored it thinking it was some fake name. I felt very bad but he just brushed it off. “eega is the pride of TFI” are his words.. Flying higher and higher…:) ”

Interestingly, Lok Satta President Jaya Prakash Narayana is also one of those who congratulated Rajamouli. SSR humbly thanked him too.