Unstoppable_With_NBK_S2_Pawan_KalyanIt’s always going to be a fun fare when two dynamic and polar personalities like Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan come together for a talk show. The same is seen in the newly released promo of the Unstoppable episode featuring Pawan.

The promo starts with Balayya and Pawan Kalyan having a fun conversation about Pawan’s styling, Bala’s youth and other light hearted topics.

Balakrishna then asks Pawan how he got close to Trivikram and the latter has a funny reply to it. The same happens when Balayya asks Pawan about him sharing a close bonding with the young-gen mega heroes right from their childhood days.

Then Balayya gets on the phone with Ram Charan and funnily asks him about his recent announcement of expecting his first child.

The promo ends on a fiery note as Balakrishna asks Pawan about how a man with so many revolutionary thoughts like him became a power star. The promo ends with Pawan speaking about putting a revolver owned by Chiranjeevi to his head.

The first part of the episode will be out on the 3rd of February and the second part will be out later.