When Nandamuri Balakrishna Proved He is Not A Partime PoliticianThere is a different expectation when a film star enters politics. Several examples in the past say that the stars win the elections only with their image and barely understand or attend to the problems of their constituency. So, many actors do not win the second time. Many may be of the same view with Nandamuri Balakrishna as well.

The fact that he is trying to balance between movies and politics reinforces that. But then, he proved everyone wrong with a single interview. In an interview with a web channel the other day, Balayya spoke at length about his plans for his Hindupur constituency. He touched various topics like Water Projects, Basic Amenities, Multi-speciality hospital, investments to the constituency.

That is not just referring to each problem. He sounded like he has understood the problems and have solutions for all of them. He also told me how he approached APIIC Chairperson Roja without any inhibitions for investments. Roja and Balayya are in opposite parties and the former actress is a very strong critic of Balayya.

That explains how Balayya managed to win Hindupur for the second time even though TDP faced a disastrous defeat and won just three seats in Rayalaseema. Balayya further increased his majority this time even as the majority of someone like Chandrababu’s majority decreased.