When Illeana rescued her co-star

Illeana, who is shooting for the Hindi remake of Kandireega, recently used her presence of mind to save a possibly accident that could have injured the lead actor Varun Dhawan very badly. Apparently, the scene required Varun to jump on a trampoline and reach Illeana’s window in the film, but since it had rained heavily before the shoot.

Had Varun jumped he would have definitely slipped and injured badly but minutes before the shoot, Illeana used her presence of mind and stopped the scene midway for everything to dry. It was her presence of mind that saved Varun from a nasty accident. Illeana feels every actor should take care of themselves especially while doing stunts. She said that she is very cautious when it comes to performing stunts but she feels Varun is not as cautious as herself.

The film, which also features Nargis Fakhri, is expected to release soon. Will the film be as successful as the original. Let’s wait and find out.