When Fashion Goes The Sustainable WayCity of Hyderabad has a reason to feel stylish..again! The iconic legacy of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour continues & it is coming to the City Of Nizams with its 16th edition soon.

The brand which stands for its authentic style & contemporary statement in fashion is coming with a full fledged version of this iconic event after a brief hiatus due to COVID led pandemic. And this year the brand takes it a notch higher by bringing alive the expressions of ‘Pride’ & ‘Authenticity’ in an unabashed celebration of fashion that is more sustainable, inclusive & diverse. Featuring leading dashion designers & artists from diverse fields who are reshaping the way we look at fashion & lifestyle.

Hyderabad chapter of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour will present ‘Pride In Sustainable Fashion’ where designer Amit Aggarwal will showcase a blend of modern techniques in fashion which are contemporary & sustainable at the same time. Together with Nuru Karim one of the 100 most influential architects in India, the duo is commited to positively impacting the planet.  Now coming from a brand which epitomizes fashion, it clearly sends out a signal that fashion & sustainability can go hand in hand.

Over the years, the brand has represented a true picture of what’s top of mind for early adoptors of each & every new trend. Over last few years, the pivot to sustainability is something that is hard to miss & take notice of. When a contemporary brand like Blenders Pride Glassware decides to embrace sustainability as an integral thread of its communication, it talks volume of its intent & also the need of the hour.

In the run up to the event, the brand is running multiple contests by giving true fashionistas a chance to get to attend to this exclusive event. One can simply logon to Blenders Pride Website & participate in the contest. The prizes include exclusive passes to the event along with a chance to win some amazing, stylish merchandise.

The event does see ‘who’s who’ of Hyderabad’s influencial fashionistas who play such a critical role in making Hyderabad a vibrant microcosm of diverse trends & cultures. So it is called up all the fashion enthusiasts to give a chance to the contest above & try their luck at the contest. This is an event to big to miss!

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