When Balakrishna Left Entire Team AnxiousKrish Jagarlamudi’s Gautamiputra Satakarni showed Nandamuri Balakrishna in a new avatar after many years. The film was a hit and Balakrishna’s dialogues were also equivalently popular.

The iconic poster of Balakrishna holding the sword in one hand as he is seated on the horse with the animal raising its front legs in the air is one of the highlights of the movie. But not many knew how difficult it was to shoot the scene and the unit was worried for Balayya Babu.

Actor Sameer who happened to be on the sets recalls the horse shoot scene on Balakrishna. “Balakrishna was seated on the horse, and the team wanted to shoot when the horse raises its front legs in the air. Safety measures were taken on Balakrishna as ropes were there to support him if in case he falls from the horse,” says Sameer.

The actor states that Balakrishna and the team were vexed as the shot wasn’t happening. “Balakrishna, later on, asked fight masters Ram-Lakshman to remove the rope from him. While others were worried about Balakrishna’s safety, the actor was confident. No sooner he sat on the horse without safety measures the horse raised its legs,” Sameer adds.

Sameer then says that Balakrishna, later on, told the fight masters that ropes, etc are not needed for him, he always believes to happen organically.