When Aggressive Marketing Turns Headache For Pushpa!As we previously updated, the makers of Pushpa are going all guns ablaze as far as the movie’s marketing is concerned. They are making sure the reach is far and broader. But, as there is still time, it is also turning into a minor headache for them.

The reason for the issue is a simple one. Ever since the announcement of the first single has come out, it is the same music bit that one is listening to. While it is excellent and instantly registers, the sheer repetition of the same thing in multiple languages is the problem here.

The marketing team builds an excellent hype for an update, and all that one gets is the same bit with slightly altered visual glimpses. It frankly won’t matter and be an issue when the song comes out. But, as it is still a couple of days away, the aggressive promotions and the subsequent repetition are upsetting the fans a little bit.

There is also a case of raising the expectations too high. But, the makers seem to be highly confident of the final product. It is the positive aspect of the promotional exercise.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad is long overdue for a sensational chartbuster. Remember Uppena’s music was complete a long while ago, even though the movie was released earlier in the year. And to create a pan-India chartbuster would be icing on the cake.

The first single from Pushpa, ‘Daakko Daakko Meka’ hits airwaves on August 13th. Sukumar directs the movie. Rashmika Mandanna plays the female lead.

Check out the video below. Don’t miss Icon Star Allu Arjun in a mass beastly avatar. Watch this space as the first single from Pushpa drops soon.