Whatsapp wedding hyderabadNext time when you criticize Whatsapp as a time waste, just hold. The free instant messenger app rescued a 15-year-old girl from being forcefully married off by her family members. The marriage was to happen on Sunday morning in Saroornagar, Telangana and the girl just completed her SSC.

While the girl wants to study further, her father blackmailed her to marry lest he will commit suicide. The girl reached out to the police through a WhatsApp message. She wrote a letter to P. Venugopal Rao, assistant commissioner of police, LB Nagar division and took a pic of it using a mobile phone and sent it across to the ACP.

This happened at the midnight of Saturday, the ACP immediately alerted the local cops who reached to the venue on time. They counselled the families and ensured that the marriage proposal was withdrawn.