What's Wrong with Rajasekhar's Transparency Suggestions?The issues related to Tollywood’s Movie Artists Association (MAA) seem to be escalating a bigger debate on who is right and who is wrong and why only a few people are being blamed continuously and the others seem to be holding back their tongue in public.

While the majority of the people blamed Rajasekhar for his behaviour at the Diary launch event held recently, there is another side of the debate happening on social media. What’s wrong in Rajasekhar’s demand asking for transparency with regard to the proceedings of MAA?

Though Chiranjeevi made an effort to tell, “Let’s talk about good things aloud and limit the bad things only to whisper.” But, was anyone actually listening and making any effort to listen to what he was trying to say? None.

Isn’t it proved once again that the less influential folks have no say in the matters and that’s the reason why poor Rajasekhar had to resign to satisfy someone’s ego? A sorry state of affairs at MAA that should actually be resolving issues, but becoming a big issue itself.