Whats-wrong-with-Allu-Arjun-question-fansSince the beginning of the career Allu Arjun has been seen as someone who comes across childish with his words. It wasn’t really bad as many liked his openness even if the words sometime caught many off guard.

However over the past couple of years, the star has been acting all dignified and talking with a sense of measure and calculation. It was fine if it has come naturally to him but the fake pretense was always coming through as there were always momentary lapses. Today his twitter tirade once again brought this fact to the fore big time earning him lots of detractors.

Apparently the star’s son had accidentally done something which led to a post on twitter. Instead of simply accepting that fact and moving on, the long excuse of a response from him had fans of the star in utter disbelief. Especially the comment ‘Thank god it was Pawan Kalyan’s song and not someone else’s’ has made everyone think, what’s wrong with Allu Arjun?