What's Wrong in Kissing Another Girl - Amala PaulAmala Paul is defining the new age cinema with her unconventional choice of roles like in her forthcoming release ‘Aadai’. She was seen kissing another girl in the recently released trailer of the movie.

The actress thinks that it is no big deal. She quips, “What’s wrong in kissing another girl?” In fact, that came naturally while shooting for the scene. It was kind of an impromptu gig for the actress as kissing another girl wasn’t in the script.

Amala looks at her earlier self when she used to be a rebel without a reason. The same shade will be seen in Kamini’s role she played in ‘Aadai’. Everything about the character seemed to be intriguing after the teaser and the trailer.

The Mallu girl has been making the right choices and redefining what it means to do female-oriented scripts. Let’s hope success comes her way, and she keeps experimenting with different subjects.