Actress Kajal who is well short of offers does not cease to be in spotlight. The poor actress is not being in news for positive reasons but also getting in to mud for unnecessary reasons. Her comments on Shriya Saran created a furor all over.

During one of the promotional events of her latest release in Tamil, All In All Azhagu Raja, the actress was asked by an anchor to name one actress who once ruled the roost but now should retire. Kajal promptly replied with the name Shriya. She said that Shriya was damn gorgeous but wants her to retire in the sense she could not see the plight of Shriya pairing with B-grade actors and item numbers. But the filmy gurus are harsh as always. They projected it as Kajal Vs Shriya fight and started airing special stories and programs on Kajal’s arrogance and her disrespect to Seniors.

Poor Kajal who was already grounded by the failure of All In All Azhagu Raja is dumbstruck with this media bomb. Its better if she clears air with Shriya explaining her version. Kajal do not want to start fuming on media and poke them further, she is going on with her work as usual. Its better to stay calm when things are not working your way babe. Click here for video