Pawan-kalyan-Chandra Babu friendship TDP

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is successful in the first step of politics. Be it whichever party has won, he is on the winning side. But will we call it a victory for Pawan Kalyan? Perhaps it will be difficult for his supporters to say it strongly. Yes given his popularity, Pawan Kalyan’s target should be different. Jana Sena not contesting 2014 elections may be a good idea in the whole perspective but is it right one for him in the context of Jana Sena?

Pawan Kalyan will be contesting 2019 through Jana Sena. Base for any new political party should be the failure of previous governments. But Pawan Kalyan had endorsed TDP and BJP so much so that it may be difficult to criticize them in the next elections. He almost said to the people it is his responsibility to see both the governments work properly. Normal politicians may change words number of times but ‘change’ crusaders like Pawan Kalyan will not have such facility. People will not accept if they do so.

If at all Jana Sena contests in alliance with TDP or BJP, it is quite obvious that it will only play third fiddle in the competition. So, Jana Sena may be confined only to supporting roles just like communists do in every elections. Keeping aside all of them, the most important thing is will Pawan Kalyan take out time from his busy schedules? People will not accept if he comes out only when the elections are round the corner. Can he stay in the public and work for the people? Lot of Questions for which only time has to answer!