One’s a legendary actor and the other a rising star – Big B and Dhanush – are working together for the first time in upcoming Hindi film Shamitabh. According to insiders, both have bonded well so far and have become extremely fond of each other’s presence on sets. When not shooting, Dhanush and Amitabh are seen sharing jokes.

Dhanush is also taking the advice of his senior counterpart when it comes to expressions in a scene. Since Dhanush is still learning the language, he rehearses a scene with Amitabh before going for final take. Apparently, Dhanush is not allowed to speak in Tamil with the crew that features a lot of south Indians. Big B has strictly instructed Dhanush to master the language before the end of the film’s shoot.

The film’s shoot is nearing completion and going by the posters released so far, we definitely have something interesting to look forward. Dhanush apparently plays a deaf-and-dumb character