What Will He Be Tomorrow, Chief Minister? - DhanushWe expected no political speeches from Rajinikanth at the audio launch event of ‘Kaala‘. However, one can’t completely rule out talking about Rajini and politics. Dhanush, the son-in-law of the Superstar produced the movie and his speech had some political implications, quite obviously.

Speaking at the audio launch event, Dhanush mentioned several things like Rajinikanth’s rise to the top as a superstar from playing a villain, the superstar’s opponents who try to gain using his name and backstab him and also expressed his desire that he wants to see the superstar as the Chief Minister.

Dhanush claimed himself to be a die-hard fan of the superstar and humbly told that he produced this movie as a fan, not as his son-in-law Dhanush. Well, Dhanush seemed to be taking a dig at those who want to gain fame by mocking at people like Rajini who had reached heights. Any political implications?