The highly overdue movie Sevakudu was released on the 4th of January this year amongst a lack of usual fanfare. The film which has been delayed almost a year was once again postponed a day owing to some financial difficulties. However, even after the movie hit the screens, it failed to interest a sizeable audience.

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Revolving around the themes of father-son relationship, the film tells the tale of a sincere police officer Ramachandrayya (Nasser) who wants his son Surya (Srikanth) to follow in his footsteps. Surya, on the other hand, does not have any interest in his father’s profession and wants to make his own way in life. However when tragic events unfold, Surya teams up with the daughter of an NRI to avenge his father’s death.

Even with memorable performances by the actors, the movie fails at proper execution and therefore lacks direction. Ultimately, even though the concept of the film is good, it ends up being a disappointment.

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