What went wrong during Satya-2 release?

Hours after Ram Gopal Varma announced that he will be filing a case on Censor Board officer, Dhanalakshmi, he today came before the media and explained the reasons for this decision. Dhanalakshmi reportedly suggested 34 cuts to the movie and on the other side, the Hindi version of the movie passed with A certificate and zero cuts. While RGV’s assistants approached her regarding the same, she reportedly treated them rashly and asked them to ‘Shut Up’.

RGV argue that the cuts she suggested are not ethical and similar scenes are present in several hit movies in the past. RGV made it clear that other film makers are being troubled by her but are not taking on her since they fear backlash from her for their next films. Satya-2 in Telugu did not release in several theaters as the Censor board did not issue the certificate citing the above reasons. She is reportedly upset that RGV released some trailers of the movie on to Internet with out Censoring. RGV defends that censor certificate for trailers is necessary for TV and Theaters but not on internet.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Lawyers will be filing a criminal case on Dhanalakshmi on Monday for harassing, causing financial loss , over stepping her authority and using abusive language. Varma asserts that this is not a publicity stunt and confirmed again that after obtaining the SR number in the Nampally court, his lawyer will hand over the copies of the case to the media.

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