What is Vinayak doing?

VV Vinayak is one of the sensational and most popular directors we have today in Tollywood. After delivering several blockbusters, the director slightly slowed down a bit in recent times. His next film will have the introduction of Senior Producer Bellamkonda Suresh’s son, Srinivas. The movie was launched almost an year ago and the regular shooting began very late. There were many rumours that Vinayak did not have a proper story and hence the late.

But even after the shooting began, Vinayak seem to be clueless. He started the movie shooting with songs. In general, any movie beginning with songs shoot only mean the director do not have proper script in hand. Bellamkonda is the producer of Vinayak’s first movie and we will have to see if Vinayak gives back Ballamkonda’s help by delivering a blockbuster on his son’s debut!