What is the Real Reason Behind Sharmila’s Party?

Sharmila Party Telangana_Late YSR’s daughter, YS Sharmila has announced enterting politics to safeguard Telangana’s self-respect. At the Khammam public meeting the other day, she mentioned that she would announce her Party Name, Agenda and Flag July 8th (YSR Jayanthi).

There have been two different speculations about why she is floating a party. One speculation is that KCR has planted her to divide the anti-government. Time and again, it has been established that planted parties rarely succeed and anti-government vote if really there, can not be divided. That too by a party headed by someone from AP. If someone who knows that for sure, it will be KCR.

Coming to the next one, Sharmila really has her political ambitions in Telangana. If at all, she is politically ambitious, her natural interest should be in Andhra Pradesh where the ground will be much fertile for her. She does not appear that naive to be banking on Telangana politics where something like her nativity will be a huge problem.

As of now, there is too much confusion about the real motive. We may get an idea about it after the party announcement.

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