“Big news coming up..I’m sure a lot of u already knw but..will b official soon! ☺☺”

This is the message posted by Ram in his twitter account. There are wide speculations regarding what might be the big news. M9News gives out two possibilities. One regarding his personal life and another regarding his profession.
1. Ram is one of the most eligible bachelor in Tollywood today. Last year had seen his contemporaries like Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, NTR entering wedlock. Will Ram join the big league? There is also a talk in Filmnagar that Ram’s parents are trying to find a suitable bride for him.
2. A sequel to Ram’s super hit movie Kandireega is on cards. Santosh Srinivas who directed the movie was supposed to direct Allu Arjun but that project did not take shape due to unknown reasons. And now he is writing a script for the sequel of Kandireega. He reportedly had given a narration about the storyline to Ram who instantly given  nod for the movie.
We will have to see which of this will be the big news!