Rana-Daggubati-Baahubali-2Amidst all the hoopla about Baahubali, let’s take a moment and look at the stars who were part of the movie and what lies ahead for them. Prabhas obviously is the biggest star of the two films, and he gains the maximum mileage out of them. We previously discussed here his chances for being number 1 of Telugu film industry. Now, let’s take a look at Rana Daggubati.

Rana has made an interesting career choice, and the biggest base on which it rested was Baahubali. But that is over now, and he is back into the commercial world and has to prove his worth again. The biggest gain or rather advantage working for Rana despite no commercial solo success was his attachment to Baahubali. The character was the public domain for the past five years, and Rana made full use of it.

Rana’s biggest success during the same period has been Ghazi, a different film that got everything right. It was a movie that released just fifty days before Baahubali 2. His next is with director Teja, and it will be the first release of any actor from Baahubali, post its huge run.

It is the road after that that could prove to be a difficult one for Rana unless he latches onto another big event movie. The position as a solo hero is still unclear as Rana hasn’t yet tested him in the mainstream. Remember he was a villain in Baahubali. Simply by looking at what he has on hands, it seems like a very tough road ahead for him. But we never know what lies ahead for Rana as his path is truly uncharted for any actor in Telugu cinema. He is a pan-India actor from Telugu film industry more than a star, and if he manages to land him in exciting projects, there is always a chance of Ghazi happening.