Post the success of Eega, SS Rajamouli is a busy man touring the entire state in success tours. Today, he tweeted two animation videos thanking Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu. The videos have Eega imitating them which were in the rolling titles of the movie. The rolling titles also have Eega imitating NTR’s Nachore step. Will Rajamouli have a special surprise video for NTR fans as well.

NTR and Rajamouli share a special rapport with each other. SSR’s first two movies were with NTR and both of them were super hit which confined immediate stardom to Rajamouli. Both of them appreciate each other and SSR went on praising NTR as his favourite actor several times. In fact, in his very short career, SSR made more number of movies with NTR.. Also, NTR’s appreciation of Eega is one of the first compliments received by Rajamouli.

So, its going to be worth the wait for NTR fans!