What Is Rajamouli and Gang Doing Now? Rajamouli is basking in the success of RRR that has become a big hit at the box office. Rajamouli and his team have also attended the success bash at Mumbai recently. This also brings to the question of what is Rajamouli and gang doing now?

Rajamouli and his team are now watching the film once again with their entire family and are ripping it apart. Everyone is free to tell their opinion about anything that could have been done better in the film.

This is a custom done by Rajamouli and his team (who are mostly family members) who re-visit the film a few times and bring out the faults. Once they make note of all the feedback, Rajamouli says that keeping the errors in mind, they leave the project and start afresh for their next film. This is one unique process Rajamouli strictly follows no matter how a big hit the film becomes at the box-office. This helps him get better with each project he takes up.

Rajamouli is all set to do a film with Mahesh Babu next and the team will start working on it soon as they have no plans to go on vacation this time as they had ample time due to COVID situation.