Telugu actor Navdeep, who has done some good as well bad films in his decade-long career, says he’s happy that he has managed to “survive” in the industry. But he isn’t too satisfied with his choice of films.

“I feel I could’ve been in a better position with solo hits to my credit. I could’ve been even more successful. On the contrary, I think I have successfully survived far better than any of my counterparts. And I’m glad that I’ve been getting offers. Some films I do because I have to do. Some films I take up with the hope of doing something different. Every role can’t be challenging and I can’t sit and wait for good roles. I choose the best from what I’m offered. That’s why I’m not too satisfied with some films I’ve done,” Navdeep said.

With hits such as “Chandamama” and “Arya 2” to his filmography, Navdeep’s last few films didn’t do well at the box-office. Yet he’s busy with multiple projects because “my attitude towards work has kept me busy. I don’t choose bad films. It’s just that some films don’t work”. He currently has three Telugu films “Natudu”, “Antha Scene Ledhu” and “Antha Nee Maayalone” in his kitty.

Navdeep has also worked in a few Tamil films with “Arinthum Ariyamulam” being the biggest hit. He still couldn’t build his career there. “I was about 18 when ‘Arinthum Ariyamulam’ released. Had I got that success when I was 25, I would’ve managed to succeed. I didn’t have the maturity or exposure to cash in on the success at that young age. I did a few films after that but they didn’t do so well,” said Navdeep, who has also worked in Tamil films such as “Aegan” and “Solla Solla Inikkum”.