Nagababu KonidelaNaga Babu’s recent pics that have been circulating on various media platforms and mostly on social media platforms are raising doubts about his intentions behind sharing such kind of pics, now.

The pics are tagged with lines explicitly comparing Naga Babu’s attitude to a lion’s attitude with a twirled moustache and a lion tattoo on one of his arms. never ever his brothers aka megastar Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan did this before.

For both the on-screen image and the off-screen image, this is way too much to compare like this. So, there is a doubt that he might be eyeing Jagapathi Babu’s kind of roles, villainy and tough attitude portraying even cruelty in a dignified manner.

The big question is, “Will he fit into such kinds of roles?” And most importantly, will he get a break doing such roles? Let’s wait and see for things to unfold eventually.