Venkatesh DaggubatiOver the past few days, many reports were carried out that three films of Suresh Productions – Narappa, Drushyam 2, and Virata Parvam are planning for direct OTT release and skip theatrical release in the wake of uncertainty around the theatrical business. In this regard, Telangana Film State Chamber Vice President and producer-cum-exhibitor Sreedhar has now cleared the air on it.

The official added that he met Suresh Babu a few days back and the latter said that he is trying his best to get back both his films – Narappa and Drushyam 2 to have a theatrical release. Having understood the pain of the exhibitor, Suresh Babu has said that he is making his best efforts for a normal release.

“Of course there were reports of OTT release for Suresh Babu film as he also has a partner in it. But now he is putting in his best efforts and he would let us know what he is up to in few more days,” says Sreedhar.

It is worth mentioning that recently, Venkatesh Daggubati fan staged ‘nirahara deeksha’ in the wake of the OTT release. He urged Suresh Babu and the actor to consider fans’ appeal and make the film release only in theaters.