Radhe Shyam- PrabhasThe issue of RRR release is done and dusted. All eyes are on Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam which was supposed to release on January 14th. With Omicron condition becoming serious in the country, some states are closing the theaters pushing the makers into dilemma.

However, they are yet to make decision about what to do. Telugu Producers are keen on releasing the movie somehow but T-Series, the Bollywood producer is not sure due to issues in the Hindi belt. A leading OTT Platform has given a PPV Offer for the movie but then, it would still mean they are making a loss.

So that’s not really exciting. Another option is blindly going ahead keeping Two weeks OTT window just like Master. In that case, they should be confident of at least getting that two weeks theatrical window but it may be still worth the risk.

If they get the window, the movie will have the advantage of no competition in the domestic markets. Postponing the film is a last option for them as such a move will mean getting stranded with out a proper date later. They are expected to make a decision later this week.