What is going to happen with Roja suspensionSpeaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao opened up on the issue of Roja’s suspension for the first time outside the Assembly. He clarified that he is neither partial to the ruling party nor against to YSR Congress. He clarified that he only took a motion put forth by the government to suspend Roja for an year. There are opinions for and against the suspension as always.

Kodela said that he is going to appoint a committee with all the members of TDP, YSR Congress and BJP. The committee will submit its report to the Assembly’s Previleges committee which will decide up on the future of Roja. The committee will also examine the allegations on all the MLAs in the house.

Kodela clarified that all the parties were given video footage of Assembly proceddings on Wednesday. It is up to them to release those or not. However he said he is in no way related to the leaking of these videos on to social media.

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