What is Aamir Khan's biggest wishAamir Khan doesn’t wish for his films to make hundreds of crores at the box-office, he doesn’t wish for them to be showered upon with awards but as a passionate film lover he wishes that he sees a chain of theatres throughout the year screen international films in India.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Chennai Film Festival on Thursday, Aamir said that he doesn’t like the fact that India doesn’t have a dedicated chain of theatres to play alternate films, which may not be commercially mainstream but can still attract considerable audience if screened. He added that only when more number of international films are screened in the country, will the audience for it also increase.

Surprisingly, Aamir didn’t even talk about his film Dhoom 3, which is slated for release next Friday. While everybody assumed that the 48-year old actor would use the opportunity to promote his film, he didn’t even bring it up. He personally thanked the festival organizers for inviting him and giving him an opportunity to sit next to Kamal Haasan.