What if KCR was born in Washington DC?

Ram Gopal Varma who is popular these days for his mid-night tweets picked up the most sensitive topic on the street. He expressed his frustration on the state’s bifurcation which any film maker is trying his best to avoid. Interestingly enough this time he targets KCR with below questions on his social platform.

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RGV asks KCR, “Why states in united states don’t ask for separate states?..is it because the states in united states don’t have capable leaders like KCR? I would really want to see what KCR would have done in his life if he was born as an American in Washington DC?” I really wonder why no state in the united states asks for a separate state? Is it because the states in India were never united or is it because we as Indians are incapable of staying united? Should we learn from united states on how states shoud be united or should we accept that we don’t know how to stay united like United States?”