Balakrishna_Rana_NaiduNetflix has come up with the crime drama series, Rana Naidu, which has become the talking point in and outside the industry. People are shocked to see Venkatesh hurling abuses and screwing prostitutes in the most obscene manner in the series.

Venkatesh is someone who has zero haters on and off social media. He is someone who is liked by all fandoms. But because of this web series, many people are heavily criticizing him for doing an R-rated show like Rana Naidu.

Just imagine, in a hypothetical scenario, if any other hero had done Rana Naidu what would have happened? Let’s say for example if Balakrishna had done a series like Rana Naidu. Not even Rana Naidu, if he had just one such scene where he is seen abusing or behaving obscenely, the whole troll gang would have become activated.

Right from his political rivals in YSRCP to other heroes fans to social media attention seekers, and trollers, everyone would have gone berserk in pulling Balakrishna down.

Venkatesh is a hero who has zero haters, so people criticized his choice but didn’t abuse him personally. But if Balakrishna was part of such a series or even one scene, then people would have trolled him on a personal level as if he had committed some heinous crime.