pawan kalyan khushi 14 yearsToday was the 14th year of completion of Kushi and that took us back to the crazy days again. Now if one said that the craze that we see today is only a fraction of what Pawan Kalyan had in those it surely wouldn’t be an exaggeration. There is a reason why people say he had seen a great downfall in the ten years that followed it.

Now luckily for him he got a second shot at the peaks of stardom with Gabbar Singh. He followed it with another memorable outing in Atharintiki Daredi. The rest we need not tell again and neither do we need to tell how he is wasting such a stardom all over again with no films.

What we would like point out here is, there are stars and then there are legends. We have the likes of Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Mohan Lal, Mammootty as bona-fide legends. They have achieved such status because of continuous hard work and seizing the moment whenever they were provided with one. Do we remember who competed with them or who showed sparks of stardom in their time or after them. Surely we don’t because the history doesn’t recognize such bursts of stardom with no control or direction.

Is Pawan Kalyan committing the same crime by repeating the same historical blunder twice. Not all stars are lucky to get that second chance but when someone gets it as big as he has, one should make it count. With very few films to show off as legacy in the years to come he is surely running the danger of being a star who had his moments rather than someone being recognized as a legend for future generations. All that fans would be left with in the end would be recollection of memories in the past rather than showing a living proof in present.