Ram Charan speech uppena teluguRam Charan was the chief guest at ‘Uppena’ blockbuster celebrations and his long speech at the event invited some comments because of his Telugu. Don’t know why but he was seen struggling with Telugu words throughout his speech.

He didn’t have this problem before and we never watched him struggle with Telugu. This has become a topic of discussion on social media and fans are supporting him big time owing to his hectic schedule shooting for RRR and travelling 100 km to attend the event.

For sure, one can visibly see the tiredness and we know that he has been very busy with RRR shooting and also ‘Acharya’. Besides films, he is also into devotional Ayyappa mala for which he needs to practice a strict routine.

Fans say that the mega hero had been shooting in the forest since early in the morning and even then, could make it to the event. That sounds logical as Ram Charan’s Telugu was always good in his previous speeches.