What Happened At Chiranjeevi's Residence On Friday Night?Telugu film industry can not get over the fact that Megastar Chiranjeevi has pleaded YS Jagan Mohan Reddy with folded hands over the ticket prices issue. Sources say that Chiranjeevi himself is hurt with the behavior of the Chief Minister.

We heard that a few industry people have arrived at Chiranjeevi’s House on Friday night and discussed about the issue. Chiranjeevi has expressed his disappointment about how Jagan betrayed him. “I was told the G.O. will be immediately released and the draft G.O. will be shown to us there itself but nothing happened,” Chiranjeevi told them.

The Megastar have called the stars himself and convinced them to this meeting. The immediate G.O. is something that will be a mark of respect for Chiranjeevi’s efforts but that did not happen. Also, Chiranjeevi and other stars were taken back when the meeting was Telecast on Channels.

This is not something they were expecting and the uproar on social media after that has embarrassed Chiranjeevi and other stars. They are hoping that the G.O. would somehow come and bring a closure to this issue immediately.