Abhishek Bachchan Tamil movieAbhishek Bachchan is a star and there is absolutely no doubt of it. But even stars miss certain things and junior Bachchan, who was in Chennai on Tuesday, promoting his film “Dhoom 3” said that he is dying to do a Tamil film and he would love to co-star with Vikram.

He said that he is glad to have worked with Tamil filmmakers in Hindi but regrets not doing a Tamil film or any southern film for that matter. Abhishek has worked with Mani Ratnam in Guru and late Jeeva in the Hindi version of Run. He said that since he has lot of work in Chennai for his Hindi films, he would love to do a Tamil film, provided he gets an opportunity.

Abhishek also said that Dhoom 3 will be more intense that other parts in the franchise and added that he hopes it will be a bigger hit. The film has been dubbed in other regional languages as well.