What did Shanvi learn from Aadi?Shanvi Srivastav, who made her cinematic debut with Aadi, is paired opposite him again in upcoming film Pyaar Me Padipoyane. Having paired with Aadi for the second time, Shanvi said that she has picked up dancing from him and that it has helped her so much in her career.

She said that Aadi is a great dancer and she is not as good as him. Therefore, when they had to shoot for songs, he would actually dance in such a way that she could match his steps. She added that in a way Aadi helped her to be a better dancer and she is thankful to him for that. She also said that both have become mature actor since Lovely, and that has helped them in this film.

Shanvi admits when you work with a co-star for more than once, it definitely paves way for rumours about them. But she isn’t worried about it because she always maintains her distance from Aadi while not shooting and also doesn’t hang out much.