Thalapathy Vijay LeoThalapathy Vijay is teaming up with the in-form director Lokesh Kanagaraj for their upcoming film Leo. The makers are sharing the content about the film regularly on social media, which is getting a good response from the fans.

Right from the promo to the latest Kashmir schedule wrap video, something is being served on a regular basis which is helping not only in maintaining the hype but also increasing the buzz organically around the film.

On the contrary, big Telugu filmmakers think they are doing a favor to the fans by releasing a few glimpses from their film, revealing the title, or giving updates about their film. The recent examples being NTR30 and SSMB28.

Fans are begging for updates from the film, but the team is maintaining a deafening silence about the projects. Even if they release something, they consider it as doing a favor. They think they are making a classic and feel it’s their right to keep the fans waiting and frustrated without giving them any respect.

But the makers of Leo have set a good standard by posting regular updates about the film. They are setting the right example by giving the audience something to cherish every now and then.

This way, the makers will also get instant and genuine feedback from time to time about the content of the film. If they are going wrong somewhere, then they will have ample time to make corrections. They don’t have to be embarrassed with their product like the makers of Adipurush had to be after releasing their first teaser.

The team of Adipurush didn’t share anything from the film for more than two years. No one had any idea about what they were making. And then, one fine day, when they released the teaser, it was shocking, and it became the most-panned teaser of all time.

And now, even if they want to make corrections by spending hundreds of crores, they can’t change much because they will have to start from scratch, which is not humanly possible.

The makers of Leo have made a difference by keeping the fans happy with regular updates. Fans also don’t feel the need to hound the makers to give updates about the film and bother them. This is something our Tollywood filmmakers need to take a cue from.