Balakrishna-Jr-NTRAs it appears, internal clashes amongst fan bases is the trend in Tollywood currently. There was recently a clash on social media between Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi fans and then, there was clash between Chay and Akhil fans about who is ruining Akkineni’s legacy.

Now, in a shocker, a big clash has emerged between a section of NTR and Balakrishna fans on social media.

It all started with the argument that NTR prioritized birthday vacation over Sr NTR’s centenary birth celebrations. One thing led to another and it has gotten to a point where NTR’s fans are abusing even Balayya’s son Mokshagna, while Balayya fans abuse NTR.

A few Nandamuri fans have gone a step ahead and ripped Jr NTR off the Man of Masses tag and gave it to Ram Charan, who recently attended NTR’s event in Hyderabad along with Balakrishna. They are also sharing videos of Junior partying and then shouting Jai Balayya. They say NTR is mocking Balayya with such untimely slogans.

NTR’s fans argue that their hero had planned his birthday vacation with his family a long time ago and using this to abuse him is cheap and ugly.

This has resulted in opposition groups making a mockery of the Nandamuri fans clash. They are enjoying and adding fuel to the fire while the Nandamuri fans indulge in a humiliating verbal brawl.

Nandamuri fans should really be having the time of their lives now with Jr NTR’s birthday and Sr NTR’s centenary celebrations all happening in close vicinity. Instead of celebrating the events together, they’re indulging in an ugly brawl that served absolutely no purpose.