The film makers who are passionate to take movies to next level try to make path breaking films. They think differently and give more importance to art values rather than to commercial values. Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamshetty is one such film maker who thought differently and made a film differently. His ‘Minugurulu’ proved to be one of the rarest film of Tollywood and even won many awards. But commercially, the film couldn’t be reached to masses and only a few sections of audience got to see the movie.

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Unperturbed by the commercial result of his first movie, Ayodhya Kumar seems to have decided to go according to audiences’ tastes and make a mass entertainer instead of an off beat film with certain values. Any film maker would want his film to reach maximum number of audiences. And the title of his next film is very catchy ‘Pakka Commercial Cinema’, with a tag line ‘meeru korukunnatle’ (as you want). The poster itself is enough to say what Krishnamshetty is targetting at. Seems to be a satire on how our films run on a cliched formula like having a hero, heroine and villian; with doses of action, songs, comedy, sentiment, romance… blah blah blah. What a satire! Poster saying everything but actually nothing…hmm!